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Color of the floor joints: how to choose it

To get a floor with a perfect appearance it is essential to pay attention to every little detail. Among elements to take into consideration there are above all the escapes. Indeed, even a small defect in size or shape can compromise the aesthetic component of the entire floor. In this article, we will focus on one point in particular: the color of the joints. There are many shades on the market, although the choice depends on your needs and preferences, it is essential to know well what are the methods to identify the most suitable color.

What are escapes

Before figuring out how and which color to choose, it is appropriate to clarify briefly what is meant by the term leaks. It indicates nothing but the distance that divides one floor tile from another and which allows it to settle. Generally, are characterized by dimensions that vary between 2 and i 4 mm, but other sizes can also be found on the market. In fact, a lot depends on the size of the floor, from the type of background and many other small factors. The materials used to make the joints can be different. Generally, a compound of cement and water is used, known as grout. Alternatively, sealing products are also applied. Anyway, whatever material you decide to choose, this must be able to guarantee maximum protection of the surfaces.

How to choose the color of the joints

Before seeing which color to address, you should know your needs thoroughly. In particular, you have to understand if you intend to choose something traditional or to focus on innovative solutions. In the first case, the choice is quite simple: most of the joints made in the past were of white tone. However, this color gets dirty very easily, especially if applied in very busy areas of the house. A good alternative to white could be gray, which in addition to being versatile, it also tends to get less dirty.

In recent years the world of escapes has been completely turned upside down and revolutionised, also and above all thanks to new technologies. Today, Indeed, most modern homes are made up of colored grout. These are made with epoxy substances and offer very high performance, as well as a long resistance over time. For those who opt for colored joints, the picture is a little more complicated. Indeed, on the market there is really an embarrassment of choice. To facilitate the decision it may be useful to take into consideration some advice. First of all, when choosing, it is advisable to focus on neutral colors. In fact, these are very trendy and allow you to obtain an extraordinary visual effect, capable of providing a new look to the entire environment. Another tip is to focus on tone-on-tone joints, characterized however by a lower gradation. In this case, as well as ensuring a formidable appearance, you will also get a product that lasts over time.

Furthermore, the joints must be compatible with the tile material. We must therefore try to harmonize the two components, in order to obtain a homogeneous and elegant effect. When choosing, you must also keep in mind to opt for products with a lighter intensity than that of the tiles. In this way, as well as ensuring a better appearance, it will also be possible to prevent another problem: the joints tend to darken over the years and by choosing a lighter color this can be remedied.

So, by following these small steps, it will be possible to make an informed choice and purchase joints with a color suitable for your environment. However, as we have already specified, an important role in the decision must always be played by one's personal tastes.