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Use of marble in the home: ideas and advice
Marble is a very elegant material, able to provide the rooms of a house with a completely new and modern face. It is no coincidence that it has often been used for the creation of artistic works. There are many ways to use this type of material at home and…. Find out more
Faucets: how to choose between aesthetics and functionality
When you decide to build or renovate a bathroom or kitchen, you should pay attention to every little detail to make the environment truly comfortable. Among the elements to choose carefully are the taps, which, as well as responding to a series of practical and functional needs,... Find out more
Wallpaper: how to choose it and how to lay it
Wallpaper can be a very original way to cover the walls of the room. However, There are different types of paper on the market, each of which is characterized by different factors. That is why in this article we will try to provide a series of useful information that can serve... Find out more
4 design elements that cannot be missing in your home
Furnishing a home means paying attention to every little detail. On the other hand, this is the environment in which you will spend most of your life and it is essential to make it as comfortable as possible. About that, it is very important to place design elements in the various rooms that allow you to personalize ... Find out more
The right chair for your dining room: how to unravel between colors, models and materials
The dining room is one of the most important rooms in a house. That's why when you furnish it you need to pay attention to a number of factors, taking care of everything down to the smallest detail. A fundamental element of this part of the house is represented by the chairs, which, in addition to providing... Find out more
Which plants lend themselves perfectly to decorating the interior
Furnishing the interior of an apartment with plants is now a widespread fashion, especially among the younger ones. On the other hand, the benefits of installing a plant in a house are so many. In particular, as well as purifying the air, several scientific studies have shown that plants promote concentration.. Find out more