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Edition 2021

Italy Home 2021
  Italy Home Italy Home is a new concept of true experience dedicated to interior design. The ability to create with innovative materials, especially in respect of environmental sustainability and recycling, scenography and decorations. Italian quality production, but above all the ability to create a Total Look, creativity and production capacity.... Find out more
Imola 2021
  Imola The Imola brand explores new instances, enriching the already well-known The Room collection, with a new selection of five precious marbles, characterized by a marked expressive richness in the strokes and colors, interpreted through a welcoming and contemporary language. Among the new proposals, Aqua Blue Gold: the blue... Find out more
Hiltron 2021
  Hiltron HILTRON presents Domoland: a concentration of solutions for the most disparate needs, intended to evolve over time based on needs. Flexibility and scalability, in addition to the simplicity of creating the systems and the intuitive user interfaces, make this system capable of adapting to any type of.... Find out more
Grohe Blue 2021
  Grohe Blue Introducing the GROHE Blue filtration systems, a design solution, sustainable, practical and convenient to have delicious filtered water always at hand. In addition to normal mixed water, you can choose your favorite filtered water – natural, slightly fizzy or sparkling – directly... Find out more
Actual Fenster 2021
  Actual Window ACTUAL WINDOW. The revolution in window design. SEEING 2021 with ACTUAL LOFT all-glass system. When interiors become exteriors and nothing obstructs the view, the dream of a life without borders begins: living spaces and nature merge into a single unit. Thank you... Find out more
Lima Group 2021
  Lima Group Lima Group is a modern and dynamic Italian company, engaged in the production of various roller mosquito net systems, Solar Screens. Quality, reliability and innovation are the company priorities, with the aim of enriching the window and door market with new integrated solutions for mosquito nets and roller shutters, ensuring distribution... Find out more
Speak 2021
  Sprech The Shade AL X bioclimatic pergola was created as an element of continuity between internal and external spaces. The aluminum load-bearing structure guarantees adequate resistance to atmospheric agents, while the adjustable sunshade blades give 0 at 88° they guarantee the right comfort all year round: allow you to adjust.... Find out more
Chaldean 2021
  Chaldeans Chaldeans, German company synonymous with creativity and innovation for more than 100 years, expresses it in the concept of luxstainability. His tub collections, shower trays and washbasins stand out for their functionality, aesthetics and sustainability like the brand new Superplan Zero floor-level shower tray. Hero... Find out more
newSolar 2021
  newSolar “The most important thing that Design teaches is the exercise of functionality linked to form. Aesthetics and utility that are inextricably linked to embellish, just like in a newSolar® which, with its structural conformation, represents the most modern concept of sunblind roller shutter in extruded aluminium,... Find out more
Marble Arena 2021
  Arena Marmi Over time the fireplace, from a source of heat it has become a source of pleasure, symbol of elegance. Fireplaces with essential and refined shapes, made of marble, and with the help of plasterboard, ready to become protagonists of your environment.     Find out more